Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I love going to the country because its empty. Our house there is so pure and I don't feel a need to fill it with stuff. I don't want to open any boxes there or bring any drama or chaos or sadness there. I want it just as it is... filled with grass, flowers, walks by the lakes, laughing children, good food and good views. No TV, no traffic, not much need for anything. Really. I feel very fortunate to have it so good. I also feel blessed to know when I got good. Really.

For those of you who want to come visit. Come. You know who you are and you are always welcome. We'll be around most of July and mid August and forward. Share the love!


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  2. Hi Theresa!

    What a lovely blog you have. Gorgeous children, and delicious looking food. Wish I could visit! Maybe someday!

    I know what you mean about liking an "empty house". Sometimes I feel the same way about our place. I wish we could live so much more minimally. Well, I can, but I wish our whole family could agree to live more minimally. I like the simplicity of not having "stuff".

    Thanks for sharing these photos :)

  3. Så härligt ni har det! Hur ofta kan ni vara på ert lantställe? Kommer gärna över en dag med en rabarberpaj, jordgubbar och fika. Kram Lena